Retail Software Testing
QSync delivers comprehensive testing services compatible with the constantly transforming retail industry. We have proven strength in retail software testing services that reduces margin of error significantly and mitigates risks while testing applications in the widest possible end user scenarios. Our rich domain knowledge and excellent technical proficiency assure unbiased QA and RFID testing services resulting in astute competitive benefits for retail clients. Experienced in-house experts well-versed in POS testing and device testing solutions both for localized and global scenarios guarantee zero defect delivery.

Retail Software Testing: Approach
QSync has established its own Retail Center of Excellence to provide the best available talent pool, health technology, stuff and testing process for players and associates in the retail industry. We have built sophisticated practices best fit for testing services across the length and breadth of the retail domain. Our value propositions are based on customer’s business and their requirements while flexible and dedicated teams with all resources are ready to adopt any process best suitable for testing requirements. We endeavor to provide the best retail software testing solutions with the demonstrated ability to maximize time and cost advantages for clients. ​ Experts at QSync are well aware of needs of diverse players in the retail industry. Our testing services cover the entire retail IT spectrum and offer the best fit test management approach for enterprise, warehouse, and in-store solutions. We formulate our retail software testing approach based on the following main themes.

​ •Understanding of customer product and their business
•Documentation in sequential manner through test cases
• Design and implement business and test process approach and get it reviewed by customers
•Implement approach and execute testing sessions

​ We fully understand the business criticality of retail systems and have developed expert and reliable RFID testing, POS testing, and device testing services that assure quality of applications. Our knowledge of market trends, functioning of the retail value chain, and regulatory framework help clients figure our problem areas smartly and replace them swiftly. QSync retail software testing services also support clients in the industry to adopt better ways for chain management, payment processing, customer service, bookkeeping, and multichannel trade through e-commerce sites resulting in competitive advantage for them.

Retail Software Testing Offerings
QSync has been working with large and small retailers to create custom-made solutions assuring access to the finest testing experts and faster market introduction at competitive prices. Our retail software testing services include:

• RFID testing
• Security testing
• Functional, regression, performance testing
•POS testing
• Device testing
• Compliance testing
• Test process consulting
• SOAT (System Operation Acceptance Testing)