In today’s competitive world, small to large organisations are finding it tough to keep up with the demands of customers and specific requirements anytime, anywhere. Either they do not have the necessary infrastructure in place or the technical know-how on how to operate software applications. However, while IT hardware and associated software tools are becoming more simple, user-friendly, powerful and cheaper than before, the cost of development and implementation seems to be rocketing sky high.

​ We offer affordable and reliable cloud computing solutions to those businesses that are desirous of enterprise level IT infrastructure and that too at affordable prices. This enables convenient and on-demand access to a wide range of resources whenever and wherever you want. With services like cloud computing, organizations no longer have to invest on expensive software and IT infra, routine maintenance as well as up gradation in the near future. This further allows companies to enjoy high end security, reliability and scalability at a fraction of the price of any conventional software or IT hardware.

QSync Software offers Software-as-a-Service (Saas), Database as a Service (Daas) as well as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas) for easy mobile synchronization for enterprise cloud computing. Other resources that we offer include image library sharing, file based storage, firewall configuration, virtual local area networks (VLANs), and a host of software bundles. We also offer the necessary support so that our clients can seamlessly manage data centres with help of appropriate resources.

​ The concept of cloud computing is growing rapidly and a lot of small and big organizations are thriving to use this cloud computing technology. The process of providing data to computers and other internet based devices is referred as Cloud Computing. Of late, cloud computing has made to the must have list of services in any businesses. Users of cloud computing can basically access it from any devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. QSync Software bring to you our services at a very convenient prices. The following are the services we provide:

​ • Software as a service
• Database as a service
• Infrastructure as a service
• Enterprise cloud computing
• Image library sharing
• File based storage
• Firewall configuration
• Virtual local area networks


At QSync Software, we basically manage infrastructure that runs the applications and give access of the database to the users. This is referred to a software as a service or the acronym is SaaS. Our group of cloud computing experts install the application software in cloud database. Your business gets the benefit of drastically reducing its IT operational expenses by teaming up with us in using our cloud computing software as a service. You only have to outsource your software and hardware to cloud the provider.


At QSync Software, we follow a cloud based approach towards management and storage of data. This concept is referred to as Database as a service or the acronym DBaaS. As a part of this service we develop cost-effective products that allow our customers to track and monitor performance. This mode of cloud database ensures efficiency and security.


QSync Software provide virtualized computer resources over the internet, a cloud based service referred to as Infrastructure as a service or (IaaS). At QSync technologies we have professionals who diligently host user related applications. We basically focus on backups, maintenance of systems and planning. We offer this Infrastructure as a service at a very affordable price, thereby cutting down on other expenses of deploying hardware and software. Our professionals at QSync technologies have in depth knowledge on all of these modules.


Our group of cloud computing professionals at QSync Software develop a computing environment behind a firewall. This computing environment is called Enterprise cloud computing and is basically responsible for delivering infrastructure, software services to the business. Our Enterprise cloud computing assistance benefits you with the following aspects:
• Increase in the speed for IT resources
• Enhanced performance
• effective usage of IT resources
• Decreased infrastructure expenses
• At QSync technologies, we make use of virtual servers increase flexible data security policies.


As a part of cloud images, we at QSync Software develop applications that allows you to import, export and even share images on cloud servers. Our image library sharing service lets you share on cloud severs using API.


Gone were those days when we used to store our files and data on hard drives. Now, it’s the time for technology driven storage techniques. At QSync Softwarewe help you use file based cloud storing options for your huge amounts of unstructured data. Furthermore, QSync Software ensures that this stored data can be accessed from almost anytime and anywhere in the world using internet enabled devices.


At QSync Software we develop cloud-based services that safeguards your organizations’ IT environment. Our professionals develop firewall services that help support your data centers. Our cloud based firewall is extremely secure and robustly avoids unauthorized access to your network infrastructure and makes sure your network is a 100 % safe and secure.


We at QSync Software develop flexible software that further helps your enterprise with virtual local area networks. It is basically the connection of computers over a separate network. Substituting the usage of routers an alternative solution of virtual local area networks is developed. With our VLAN services some of the benefits your enterprise would have are as follows:
• Reduced expenses on expensive routers
• Increase in security
• User-friendly administration
• Enhanced performance.