We at QSync Software develop various data warehousing strategies to maintain and store data. We also process recruitment for experts in ETL, Informatica, Congos, Business Intelligence and Teradata. ​

Looking for ways to securely store data and then to seek out relevant data whenever, wherever you want it? We offer compelling data warehousing solutions by use of which you can generate any kind of reports and make critical business decisions. ​

We support recruitment of those professionals who have reliable skillsets in ETL, Informatica, Congos, Business Intelligence, Teradata and more. Now you can easily do an analysis of your business data which can help support any decision you make to steer your goals.

​ With over 100+ resources that have deep expertise in data warehousing and data mining on our payrolls, you have a lot to choose from with QSync Software as your IT recruitment partner. ​

This is the short form of “Extract, Transform and Load”. At QSync Software we have skilled professionals who pull data out of source system and transfer it into data warehouses. This is achieved using ETL. We at QSync Software provides ETL services which are cost-effective. QSync Software maintain the entire data movement lifecycle by using some key technologies like SAP ETL, Oracle OWB, Data stage, Microsoft SQL and etc. As a part of ETL process management, some of the key stages we take care of are as follows:
• We define data sources and mappings by monitoring and maintain transformation scripts.
• We update mapping with Meta data
• We process source data changes
• We make sure that the ETL process is running efficiently by eliminating disjointed transformation programs and validating checks for data consistency.
• We enhance performance by robust error handling techniques. We have experts like Data modelers who do the analyzing part of data and design data models by generating scripts and then we have DBAs who are responsible for creating the databases and tables and we have the ETL developers who take care of the mapping techniques of the data and load it onto the target systems. ​

At QSync Software , our team of experts have an in depth knowledge on Informatica, which is a robust ETL and EAI tool used mainly for data integration and data quality services. Using this advanced Informatica tool, we help your enterprise with cost-effective data management services with a 100 % deployment success. This robust ETL tool is fairly easy to use and contributes a lot towards connectivity and debugging. With the aid of Informatica, we at QSync Software follow mainstream marketing strategies, unlike direct client marketing.

Congos is the Business Intelligence software developed by IBM, with the core objective of bring ring information at right point of time. QSync Software clearly understands the concepts of Congos and using it we develop data warehousing concepts for your enterprise. With Congos it’s easy to maintain and monitor business performances like reporting, financial goals, cutting down of costs and analyzing.

We at QSync Software have experienced Business Intelligence analysts who deal with the software applications for monitoring a company’s data. Using a mixture of software applications in analyzing company’s data can be referred to as Business Intelligence. With QSync Software ’ Business Intelligence software applications your company can benefit a lot in by enhancing decision making, slashing down unnecessary expenditures and setting new business goals. Our professionals at QSync Software makes sure that the data entering Business Intelligence is a 100% clean. ​

QSync Software has some experts working on Data Warehousing concepts such as Teradata. Scalability and efficiency are the universal selling point of Teradata. One of its primary features includes, operational management of Data warehousing. Teradata basically accepts larger number of requests from many client applications. There are a couple of components in Teradata database system which are TDP (Teradata director program), Micro TDP, call level Interface (CLI) and so forth.