Mobile platforms as seen nowadays are more fragmented, diversified and fast moving. Both customers and organizations are looking out for better tools and resources that can add value to their mobile handsets. Be it for business use, personal entertainment, or as a utility, the need for the hour are apps that are scalable, easy deployable and can take care of most business and personal requirements. ​

At Qsync Software, we truly understand what it takes to build a successful mobile app. We only make use of the most advanced and sophisticated technology for effective deployment of a variety of apps. ​

The growth of mobile technologies is growing at an alarming rate. With countless systems, tablets and smartphones hitting the market the requirement for better looking futuristic apps is also increasing. This is why our professionals are all geared up to develop anything you like for popular mobile platforms like Android, Blackberry OS, webOS, iOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile Professional (touch screen), Windows Mobile Standard (non-touch screen), and Bada.

​ Our team of professionals include iOS, MacOS, SDK, Cocoa Touch Framework, Open GL ES 2.0, Open AL, Core Graphics, Core Animation, and the Game Kit and Store Kit frameworks developers. All our resources have great understanding of operating on multiple systems that enable us to come up with better and newer apps that serve most needs and individual requirements. ​

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, there is a rapid growth in mobile technologies. They are extensively used by people all around the globe. In fact, advanced mobile technologies are considered as robust tools to enhance the way mobile devices are used. At Qsync Software we have a group of professionals who develop advanced deployment techniques of the best of mobile applications available. Some of the apps we develop will help you increase your productivity, while some gaming apps on the other hand will help you hang loose and relax and enjoy, while some other apps like mobile banking and business utilities will save you time, performing your everyday tasks. ​

Some of the popular mobile applications we help with are as follows

​ • AS/400
• Android
• Blackberry OS
• webOS
• Symbian
• Windows Mobile Professional (touch screen)
• Windows Mobile Standard (non-touch screen), and Bada ​

A robust mobile operating system developed by Google, it is one of the bestselling operating system in the market. At Qsync Software we have a group of mobile application professionals who are experts in developing applications on Android platform. Whatever your device is-a smartphone or a tablet we develop innovative functional apps based on Android platform. We use the Android software development kit and Java programming language to access the Android APIs. ​

Blackberry mobile operating system is the OS developed by Blackberry Ltd for its smartphones. Qsync Software professionals have a deep knowledge on this OS and develop various applications on this platform. We use tools like Blackberry Java SDK which further includes APIs to develop user-friendly apps.

At Qsync Software, we have professionals who are abreast with the technology that LG’s WebOS operating system has. We have experts in its Linux Kernel language that is used in developing WebOS for smartphones, smartwatches and TVs

Qsync Software is your smart choice when developing apps for IOS. A mobile operating system developed by Apple that successfully runs on many of these Apple products like iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Our mobile professionals at Qsync Software are experts on IOS user interface and can develop applications on this operating system. ​

Microsoft had developed a group of mobile operating systems which is referred Windows mobile. This operating system can be used on smartphones as well as pocket PCs. We at Qsync Software utilize Windows Mobile SDK and tools like Visual Studio to develop application on Windows mobile touch screen devices.

Qsync Software also develop application on Windows Mobile Standard operating system by Microsoft. This OS is aimed at non-touch screen devices. Also, we develop application on Bada operation system platforms. This OS is developed by Samsung Electronics.

This is a robust closed-source mobile operating system that works on computing platforms for smartphones. It was originally developed by Symbian Ltd. At Qsync Software we have experts diligently working on developing application on this mobile operating system. We take the aid of Symbian Application Development kit which helps in developing some useful apps.