At QSync Software, we are working on some of the most popular and powerful ERP packages that are mostly used in high end enterprises. We have technical expertise in ABAP, CRM and more.

With over 100’s of professionals placed in various domains of ERP technology, you just can’t imagine how we can transform the way your business operates. Right from screening and strategizing to implementation and final deployment, our talented team has the requisite expertise and know-how on how to implement ERP packages such as SAP.

We at QSync Software, cater to ERP packages like SAP, ABAP, and CRM to your enterprises. We can provide ERP packages that can be tailored made to suite your business needs. We have groups of skilful professionals who know everything about the functional and technical aspects of SAP. We have professional teams who are highly skilled at computer languages like COBOL, Pascal and so forth and can be worked at any levels like Communication protocol level, graphical and external interface level, database level, and application level and so forth. All thanks to its open architecture. Allow us to help you take your enterprise to whole new levels just by deploying our ERP packages.
​Some of the ERP packages we cater are as follows:

​​ • ABAP
• ERP ​

ABAP is an acronym for “Advanced Business Application Programming”, and it runs on SAP systems. At QSync Software, we have experts who know A-Z of this high-level fourth generation programming language. Our professionals at QSync Software use ABAP to develop and support your enterprise applications.

The following are the uses of our robust ABAP service:

​ • We help develop application programs that can be further used for your reporting purposes.
• We help develop user dialog programs.
• The final modular structures can be customized according your needs. ​

Our professional consultants at QSync Software diligently perform programming tasks with SAP CRM architectures. CRM is an acronym for “Customer relationship management”. Nowadays, SAP is regarded as the thriving CRM solution in the market. We seamlessly provide end-to-end CRM services to our clientele. With the advent and rapid growth of e-business, CRM is considered extremely necessary for an enterprise to sustain the competition in the market.

ERP, is a short form of “Enterprise resource planning”, and is regarded as one of the robust SAP applications for your enterprise. At QSync Software, we constantly work with ERP and help your enterprise with the following functions: • Distribution and sales
• Management of materials
• Logistics executions
• planning part of the project
• Supply chain management
• e-recruiting
• payroll management
Our professional consultants at QSync Software tackle SAP ERP at all stages right from implementation stages to maintenance and deployment stages.