Testing is treated as an integral part of any software development lifecycle and is an essential part of the development phase. Every organisation nowadays understands the importance of testing and since it requires specialised experts so it is imperative to hire the right person or team for the job.

​ At QSync Software, we have on board a specialised team who can help monitor each development phase and create an extensive report basis their key findings. The team would ensure that each quality check is extensively done and for that to happen they would use dependable automation testing tools.

​ QSync Software has been successful in getting candidates placed for testing purposes. These candidates have expertise in a variety of test environments such as White Box testing, AIX testing, Test director, Test Suite, Silk Test, Mercury Testing, Rational Robo and more.

​ Testing usually takes the front seat in any software development lifecycle. It also plays a pivotal role in development phase. We at QSync Software, hired a group of dexterous professionals who have high level expertise in automation testing tools.

​ Under test environment, the following are the areas of expertise our professionals possess:

​ • White Box testing:
• AIX testing
• Test director
• Test Suite
• Silk Test
• Mercury Testing
• Rational Robo

A robust testing technique that helps derive test data from logic/code is white box technique. Other names for white box testing include glass box testing, transparent box testing, clear box testing and structural box technique. Branch coverage, path coverage and statement coverage are some of the techniques used by white box testing.

• These tests are user-friendly and are fairly easy to automate
• These tests allows future changes to the software to be captured.
• Optimization of code
• Provides with clear cut rules as to when to stop the testing process.

AIX is the acronym for “Advanced Interactive Executive”. It was developed by IBM and is basically a series of UNIX operating systems. At QSync Software, we have expertise on AIX operating system which was the first to use journaling file system ​

A robust test management tool, test director aids companies in deployment of high-end applications effectively. It is basically divided into four modules which are as follows:
• Requirements
• test plan
• test plan
• defects
Our professionals at QSync Software have in depth knowledge on all of these modules.

Also known as validation suite, a test suite is a cluster of test cases designed to test software programs. A test suite can contain any of the functional and non-functional test types. This basically assists testers to execute and report execution status which could be any of the Active, In progress and completed status. ​

An automated functional, regression testing tool that runs on Windows, Java and other ERP applications is called Rational Robo. Common objects like menus, bitmaps and specialized test cases for objects related to development environment can all be obtained by Rational Robo.​

n doing Regression and functionality testing, a silk test was originally designed by Segue Software Inc. Extensively used for e-business applications, either Window based, Java based or even client/server based, silk test is a leading functional testing product. Silk test runs on a manual testing interface.​

Mercury is a comprehensive mixture of testing tools. TestDirector is its most integrated test tool. Some of its other test tools include: Mercury WinRunner, Mercury business process testing, and Mercury LoadRunner.​